Contestant Numbers and Rosettes

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Contestant Number Economy

$1.50 each              ORDER NOW     

WE STOCK  NUMBERS 1-12  (white with black numbers) Ship in 1-2 business days

White, Ivory, Blue, Red, Black, Green, Pink, Hot Pink, Purple, Yellow, Orange
3 weeks standard delivery on colors and orders over 12 pieces   

Deluxe Contestant Number

$5.00 each            ORDER NOW      

We stock #'s 1 to 12 in white only for immediate shipment.  3 weeks delivery on larger orders.

51/2" Rosette, 2" white button in center with black number of your choice 1-999, pin back for easy fastening

*Minimum order of 10 pieces when ordering non-stock colors (listed below)

Cream, Blue, Red, Black, Purple, Green, Orange, Yellow, Pink, Lavender

Sash Rosette

$3.50 each                           ORDER NOW     

Secure your sash at the hip with this attractive rosette.  Approx. 3" X 8" with pin back.

3" Rosette with ribbon tails.  Comes with pin back for fastening sash at ends.

Colors in stock are Royal Blue, Red, White, Purple, Cream, Pink, Black and Green. 

No minimum is required on in stock items ~ ships within 2 business days.